What People Are Saying

Simple Gifts

“I first put Cantus’ That Eternal Day into the car CD player on an overcast autumn afternoon last year. Stephen Caracciolo’s arrangement of Simple Gifts was the most beautiful thing on disc I’d heard all year. A first: I pulled over and listened to it three times in a row. When I put the car in gear again, the world was less gray, a little more illumined by beauty.”

Brian Newhouse, Minnesota Public Radio

Ubi caritas

The best way to describe this impressive motet is fifty-seven measures of beauty…Sophistication abounds but never intrudes in this work. Here, the music serves the word most humbly. The rhythmic undulation is reminiscent of Messiaen’s “O sacrum convivium” – a high compliment. This setting of “Ubi caritas” is highly recommended to all who revel in subtlety.

Richard Coffey, Choral Journal

Hush, My Dear, Lie Still and Slumber

This is a lovely setting of Isaac Watts poem…Caracciolo gives this lullaby a beautiful shape.

Philip Brunelle, Choral Journal

Come Unto Me All Ye That Labour

“The composer handles the dense polyphonic writing very well. The extended harmony used produces a thick, lush choral sonority.”

David Stein, Choral Journal